Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

We are the manufacturers, Suppliers & Traders for Optical Time Domain Reflecto-meter (OTDR) and Laser Fusion Splicing Machine. The Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is useful for testing the integrity of fiber optic cables., It can verify splice loss, measure length and find faults.The OTDR is also commonly used to create a “picture” of fiber optic cable when it is newly installed.Unlike sources and power meters, which measure the loss of the fibre optic cable plant directly, the OTDR works indirectly.The source and meter duplicate the transmitter and receiver of the fibre optic transmission link, so the measurement correlates well with actual system loss

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Our machines are high quality, light weight and easy to operate, Our OTDR Machine, we supply are properly tested in all aspects i.e operation and physically and special box packing, with One year performance warranty.

We have all types of OTDR Machine.

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